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June 11, 2015

Wedding ballroom decoration services in Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia

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Looking for wedding ballroom decoration services in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia? My Love Story will be your best bet. Read on and find out why should you choose us.

If you are to ask those who had experience in organizing wedding events, one of toughest part is to decorate the wedding ballroom. There are a whole list of items you will need to prepare such as the backdrop, lighting, table and chair decorations (clothes, styling, etc), flowers, and much more.

It’s indeed a daunting task which is why you should search for a professional wedding ballroom designer to make the whole process much easier. But why? This is because a professional hall decorator:

  • has all the necessary items (backdrop, clothing, lighting)
  • has more experience in decorating ballrooms
  • can facilitate the whole process
  • being more cost-efficient (saving up more rather than renting the items individually)
  • has workers to help you set up the decorations
  • and… much more benefits

Of course, you can actually choose to decorate it yourself by hiring people to help you. Besides being more time consuming, it’s often hard to garner desired results. After all, this is most likely your first time in designing wedding halls, right?

Before we, My Love Story, explain about our hall decoration services, let’s discuss what are the common problems faced by other wedding couples. Then, we will show you how we address the problem to improve your experience.

Problem faced – choosing wedding decoration vendor

It’s definitely a hard and tiring task to choose the right wedding decoration vendor. You don’t want to risk your wedding by picking the wrong one. Let’s see what problems wedding couples tend to face.

Budget. Budget constrain can limit you to make silly choices, just to save a little money. You will have to realize that vendors that are charging in a lower range tend to be less professional and inexperience. Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to set a high budget just to beautify the hall. However, you should spend an adequate amount of dime to get things done the right way.

Most customers regretted after choosing wedding decoration vendors that offer cheap services (of course, low quality services). Some problems you might face from using cheap services are:

  • the actual decoration is not what that has been agreed
  • bad combination of items, colors
  • limited themes and templates to choose from
  • low quality customer service

Self decoration. Most wedding couples would like to undertake the whole task of decorating the wedding ballroom, probably because they find it a memorable process that should not be outsourced to third party. They want to plan and design everything by themselves as it’s their wedding.

While there is nothing wrong with it, you might lack of the experience to decorate halls and ballrooms like professional vendors are. Furthermore, it can be time consuming to search for decorations (backdrop, lighting, plants, etc) on your own.

Limited templates. Some of the wedding decoration services provider comes with some specific templates which definitely wouldn’t be everyone’s favorite. Each and every couples has their own dream wedding hall and this is why rigid decorative templates wouldn’t appeal to many of you.

Just a small tip. Rather than undertaking the whole decorating process on your own just because you don’t like the templates offered, a better approach will be to locate wedding decoration vendors that offer customizable designs and packages, just like us – My Love Story.

How are we different?

You might be wondering how is My Love Story different compared to other wedding decoration vendors out there. First of all, our wedding decoration services address all the problems listed above. We don’t just simply provide any services. We want to provide quality services to you.

First off, we have a variety of packages to choose from based on your budget. You get to choose which items that are suitable while still within your budget. We are extremely flexible in terms of providing decoration services. Just give us a call and I believe we will be able to meet your expectation.

Contact us? Call Eugene: 017-375 3713, Email:

Secondly, we welcome wedding couples to brainstorm ideas with us. In this way, you are actually the one decorating and designing your wedding hall, we are just executing the process for you, in a way to decrease your workload. We will then point out if there is any problem with your idea and provide you with relevant solutions. The last call will be yours.

Of course, if you want to delegate down the decorating process, we are more than happy to help you out. All you need to do is pick the design you love from the default templates and we will handle the rest for you.

Next, we offer highly customizable decorations to suit your individual preferences. You favor a barbie pink setting for your wedding decoration? No problem. You love light blue setting for the tables and chairs? No problem neither. Just name your choice and we will try our very best to customize the whole decoration of the ballroom based on your likings.

Important! The most critical item that set us apart from other wedding decoration vendors out there is that we value you and your wedding. We provide great customer’s support and high quality services to meet your high expectation at an extremely satisfying budget.

Contact us? Call Eugene: 017-375 3713, Email:

Wedding decoration services

Now, check out the video below to glance at our decoration pieces.

As you can see in the video above, we provide complete wedding ballroom decoration pieces such as lighting, clothing (for your tables and chairs), well-designed backdrop, artificial plants, and much more. You can even add-on with cupcakes decoration and more.

If you want to look at more pictures of our decoration items, feel free to contact us by,

Call: 017-375 3713


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